Saturday, 13 August 2011

Away from home on raya..:(

 Salam to all.Today is the 13th day of Ramadan and there are still 2 more weeks to come before hari raya.Most of us are already excited getting ready for this great holy day while for me here,actually i still cant accept the fact that me and my family will not going back to Kuching,Sarawak to celebrate raya with our families.This is the first time that me,my hubby and our lil' missy; Syasya Husna celebrating raya on our own (even though my lil' bro is here wih us but still,without my parents raya will become a bit meaningless to me).
   To tell you the truth,i'm a bit worry about celebrating raya this year as i have to cook all the dishes (and i'm not good at it!!!).When i'm with my family,i didn't do the cooking but my mom and big sis are.I'm more into decorating the house and all that kind of stuff.My hubby laughed at me when i'm whining to him about this.I know maybe some of you will think,"How come you want to get married when you don't know how to cook?"..Correction dear,its not that i don't know how to cook AT ALL,its just the heavy meals liked rendang,serunding and some other dishes which are the "MUST HAVE" during raya that i'm totally have no idea how to make them..but i did do some research on the recipes though.
    Its not only foods that worries me,but also how to make the sappy sad feeling will not gonna effect our home on the eve and first day of raya. I still remembered how i felt when i spent my raya without my family when i was studied at International Islamic College,KL once. I still can remembered clearly how i cried on the raya eve when i heard takbir and i spent the first raya inside my room resisting to go visiting with others.This year,i have to make sure that will not gonna happen anymore and yea,i need to admit that i'm already a grown up girl (even though its bit too late to admit.haha) and my small family's happiness is all that matters the most than myown.
   Let just pray that all of us will have a happy an great raya with or without our loved ones.Amen.
with my family n cousins

along.niesya,syasya n me

iman,niesya n muzahid

*photos of raya 2010.


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